What do people think of the Grind Bar?

What are they using it for?

Thank you, Dave! I love these bars. The taste is excellent, the ingredients are amazing. I would always look forward to waking up eating one of these bars and doing my morning workout, they gave me great energy and focus.


Josh Desmarais

Good taste. Good focus. Good ingredients. Good for trail runs, studying, and everything in between.

Mason Levi

They taste great, good consistency, crunchy, and dense (as in high nutrient/caloric density = they’re worth the cash).

I have also had moments where I feel a good amount of flow while doing something physical. It’s a smooth experience, working out after eating one of these.


Ben Goresky

I like the flavor and the consistency of the bar, I also feel like it is a significant amount of substance that keeps me full during a workout. I am eating a bar about 30 minutes before a climbing session and feel that I have solid sustained energy and focus throughout my climb. I have never been much of an energy bar guy, mainly because they are filled with soy and other crap. So the main comparison I can give is I have taken Vega’s sugar-free pre-workout supplement and I feel that I receive an equivalent amount of energy and focus from the Grind Bar as I do that supplement.


Mike Muscari

The best energy bar on the market! Locally made with real ingredients πŸ™Œ thank you Grind Bar team for finally giving us the option to have an organic, no nasties energy bar πŸ€—


Zak Henderson

Thank you, David, your bars are amazingly delicious and beneficial. As to the fact that I’m having a low blood pressure and often feel low energy and lack of clarity of thinking, kind of foggy state of being the Grind bar made me feel incredibly good. I felt energized, happy and my mind was clear and my brains could operate efficiently just in about 15 minutes after I ate the bar. Thank you.