A little about us…

The Grind Bar is a fully organic, gluten-free, vegan energy bar. We only use 11 natural ingredients and don’t have any fillers, refined sugar or heavily processed protein powder. Our bars are a high fat, low sugar (only 6 g / bar) alternative to all the heavily processed bars out there. All of our bars are handmade with love here in North Vancouver.

The base is hemp hearts, cashews, almonds, and cacao butter, and then we added raw cacao powder, maca powder and ground espresso beans for energy and focus, dates and maple syrup for a little sweetness, and a little cinnamon, vanilla and Himalayan pink salt for flavour.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, our site is getting rebuilt right now. If you want to order some bars for yourself before we get our new site up, shoot us an email at info@thegrindbar.com and we’ll hook you up!